Our Philosophy

Mail’s Here celebrates the joy of storytelling and reading by old-fashioned mail – a human-touch experience that we believe can’t be replicated in email, text or in the video game our children never stop playing with.

Mail’s Here:

  • Makes reading especially fun by creating a unique opportunity for children of all ages to read and listen to stories.
  • Incites imaginative thinking and discussion as each story unfolds letter by letter.
  • Helps to build children’s confidence, empowering them to share their exciting and tangible story (and prop) with family at the dinner table and friends at school.
  • Offers a platform for education and learning. Our stories cover a range of interesting and important topics from science and nature to the human spirit, encouraging children to ask digging questions about subjects that matter to them.
  • Creates a connection between you and a child who holds a special place in your heart.